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The Stark County Pet Food Pantry

is a small, all-volunteer charity that offers temporary assistance to help Stark County pet owners feed their pets.  The Pantry should not be viewed as a permanent source of pet food. We absolutely do not donate to anyone breeding or selling animals.  We reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason. Our guidelines are listed below, but every request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

Requirements and Eligibility To Receive Pet Food Donations
  1. If you prefer to have an application mailed to you, email us at

  2. After you apply, you will be notified when to pick up food.  We cannot help those not on our schedule.  Please be patient for a response--we are all volunteers.

  3. Proof of financial need, with a valid driver license or some form of ID, are required.  If you have none of the above, please email us.

  4. All pets must be spayed/neutered to continue receiving assistance from us. Stark County Pet Food Pantry might be able to help with assistance for spaying or neutering.

  5. Pet food recipients might not receive additional assistance for taking on more animals while receiving assistance from us.
  6. Understand that all pet food and supplies are donated and may not be the current brand you use to feed your pet, which may upset your pet’s stomach.

  7. Agree not to hold Stark County Pet Food Pantry and its volunteers legally liable in the unfortunate event your pet(s) become ill from food donated by us.

  8. Recipients agree not to resell, redistribute or attempt to return to a store, any food or care items received from Stark County Pet Food Pantry.

  9. Stark County Pet Food Pantry will make every effort to consider special requests for certain formulas or flavors of dog and cat food, but are only able to give what is available at the time.

  10. Provide us with a photo of your pet (you may include yourself in the photo). Accepted file formats include:
    gif, jpg, pdf or png. Email to and be sure to include your name.  You can also send your photo to us via Messenger on Facebook.

Should you violate any of the above requirements, Stark County Pet Food Pantry will terminate assistance immediately without notice.

Application for Assistance
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About Us

We provide assistance with pet food for Stark County pet owners who are struggling.

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